Modelling and mining business processes in the port-logistics sector

Framework for the modelling and simulation of business processes, using monitored data and synthetic approximations from industrial systems in Seville’s port-logistics environment.

Chief researcher

Prof. Dr. D. María Teresa Gómez López


Belén Ramos Gutiérrez


University of Seville - Portel Logistic Technologies, S.A.


Data integration and process mining technologies

Summary of the proposal

Creation of a framework that enables the modelling and discovery of existing business processes in port-logistics settings. This framework will allow the orchestration of the different actors that intervene in a port, facilitating the simulation and optimization of the processes according to existing resources. The application of process mining techniques will make it possible to discover the processes that are executed, and then to analyse them. The proposals carried out will be validated with real data offered by the port of Seville.

Project goal

The main goal is to create a process modelling, simulation and discovery environment in the port context. To do so, the following sub-goals must be achieved:

G1. Develop a framework for the connection of the different organizations and services involved in the logistical aspects of the port of Seville.

G2. Develop a methodological framework for integrating the data obtained from the different actors involved.

G3. Apply process mining techniques in order to infer models of behaviour.

G4. Improve capacity for modelling business processes for logistical environments.

Expected results and indicators

Port behaviour process model, configurable to different settings. Methodology for the integration of data from different sources in overall port management processes. Improvement of activity automation. Support in decision making thanks to the integration of data. Adaptation of techniques for the discovery of business processes to the port-logistics industry. Proposal of improvements applied to the real case of the port of Seville based on the observations made.

Indicators (up to 31/12/2021):

New personnel: researcher (annual equivalent): 0.8

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Potential technological impact of the project (TRL)

The optimization of logistical processes has always been an area of interest. In a more specific way, the improvement of port processes will make the port of Seville more competitive and safer by being able to predict possible unexpected situations and reduce the level of uncertainty. There are already studies for the simulation of logistical environments, but the application of process mining to logistical environments is an area that is yet to be explored.