Martrain, CRL

Martrain, CRL


Mem Moniz Caixa Postal 537-A, 8200-488 Paderne Albufeira


Maritime Technology


Maritime and Ports

ERDF funding


Project summary

Civil work: Aquatic Simulator (Algarve Centre).

Project goal

Consolidation of an international technical centre of excellence in the maritime area, with a focus on research and training in the port and maritime industry. A physical structure will be created in the Algarve that will allowing testing and training in the fields of maritime safety and operations, as well as support for RDI activities in the area of hydrographic observations and in the development of new technologies, platforms and sensors, specifically applying the concepts and solutions of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Expected results and indicators

To establish a centre of unique characteristics in the port and maritime industry with the capacity to create knowledge and for on-the-job training in this area and in complementary core areas for the industry.

One of the areas of greatest importance will be that of research and training in spheres related to the preparation of maritime industries in the area of operational security and emergency response.

Having specialized facilities and equipment is of critical importance for the success of its mission. Participating in the project will also enable both an intensification of the relationship with the University of the Algarve and access to the capabilities of the joint innovation centre in the field of cooperation.

Potential impact of the project

The regions participating in the CIU3A do not have a structure of similar characteristics, and so one is necessary in order to carry out all the tests planned.