University of Seville


C/ San Fernando, 4. 41004 Seville. SPAIN


Industry 4.0., Sustainability, Materials, Logistics.



ERDF funding


Project Summary

The aim of the project is the construction and launch of CIU3A, a joint innovation centre involving the universities of Seville, Evora and the Algarve.

Project Goal

The goal is the construction and launch of the Andalucía, Alentejo and Algarve University Innovation Centre (CIU3A), an innovation centre involving the universities of Seville, Evora and the Algarve and specializing in Industry 4.0, Logistics, Materials and Sustainability.

The scope includes a set of facilities, an initial management and organization system, and certain RDI activities.

Its cross-border nature allows it to take advantage of the opportunities linked to collaboration and complementarity among the universities; the economies of scale due to its multicentre character (one centre in each region); and the possibilities of using these real cross-border environments for RDI (e.g. logistics).

Expected results and indicators

The principal result will be the CIU3A. Other specific results will be obtained from the initial activities planned.

The CIU3A will be a new RDI infrastructure in the area of cross-border cooperation and a stable collaborative structure among the 3 universities and other partners. It will facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the university system and in the service of society’s challenges.

The availability of specialized resources will enable the growth of scientific-technological production. It should ensure that the university generates a positive impact in the development of the field, particularly in its specific challenges and strategies of regional specialization. It will be a stable basis for the development of new initiatives in this area.

Potential impact of the project

The CIU3A is a stable collaborative structure involving the main universities in the area of cross-border cooperation and other local partners. The POCTEP project focusses on its construction and launch, including an organizational and management system, as well as specialized facilities and equipment for the RDI activity and for knowledge transfer in certain areas of specialization.

So, the INTERREG V-A Spain – Portugal Programme (POCTEP) has facilitated the construction in the territory of a basis than can contribute to optimizing the effectiveness of other European projects and initiatives.