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Hydrographic technologies


Maritime Technologies and Maritime Safety

ERDF funding


Project summary

The University of the Algarve has much experience in marine technology and science projects, and has set up a centre for activities in the areas of Ocean Technologies and Maritime Safety, called the Ocean Technologies Innovation Centre.

The Ocean Technologies Innovation Centre is located in southern Portugal, on the University of the Algarve campus. The centre carries out activities in the sphere of hydrographic observation, emergency management, the creation of new products and the development of new systems. Divided into 3 areas, the centre consists of researchers responsible for carrying out activities to attend to the goals of the CIU3A project.


1) New Ocean Technologies

2) Innovation and Training in Maritime Safety

3) Hub of ICT companies for the Blue Economy

Project goal

The goal of the New Ocean Technologies Centre will be to stimulate research and innovation in the area of hydrographic observation and the development of new technologies, platforms and sensors, integrated into the structure of research projects underway or new projects, which improve the diversification of the R&D activities in this area, based on the implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept and solutions in the field of Hydrography.

The goal of the Hub of ICT Companies for the Blue Economy will be to stimulate a hub that incentivizes technology companies to develop ICT products, applying Industry 4.0 in the Blue Economy, based on operational forecasting data and real-time hydrographic observation.

The aim of innovation and training in Maritime Safety will be to carry out innovation and training actions in organizations and companies responsible for maritime safety, presenting Industry 4.0 concepts and solutions in accident prevention and response activities.

Expected results and indicators

Acting as a facilitator, the CIU3A Algarve’s expected result is to build links among the parties interested in its areas of competence, creating an increase in knowledge transfer flows and promoting the growth of scientific-technological production in the areas of specialization.

It aims for greater cross-border integration and cooperation among companies and universities by means of conferences, courses, seminars, workshops and meetings.

Potential impact of the project

The impact expected is a positive one, in which the connection of external partners will enable the development of cross products for applications in the area, linked to the other poles, increasing the institution’s capacity to attract funding and expand activities related to the Industry 4.0 concept, building the region’s critical mass in this area.