Funding of the CIU3A project

European Territorial Cooperation is a goal of the European Union’s cohesion policy, which provides a framework for the implementation of joint actions and the exchange of experiences among different national, regional and local actors. Its projects are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Its actions include the INTERREG VA Spain-Portugal Cooperation Programme (POCTEP).

The total joint cost of the operation, as forecast in the Agreement, is 21,333,333.33 Euros, with a total maximum European contribution of 16,000,000.00 Euros, which is 75% of the total eligible planned cost.

The summary of the financial plan, in accordance with the application approved on 30 October 2018 by the second Management Committee of the Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal Cooperation Programme (POCTEP) within the framework of the 3rd citation (process of selecting structural or strategic projects) is as follows:

Beneficiary 2018 - 2021
Eligible sum (€)
ERDF funds (€)

University of Seville



University of The Algarve



University of Evora



Martrain, CRL






Total (€)



The conditions for carrying out the Project are established in the Agreement between POCTEP's Managing Board and the University of Seville, as the Principal Beneficiary.

The University of Seville will ensure that the regulations regarding the handling of these funds are observed, both within its own organization and for the other beneficiaries of the operation. It will also ensure that its organization and the other beneficiaries register and store all the documentation required for the maintenance of an appropriate auditing record of the expenses and payments made, in order to respond to any request by the Management, Certification or Auditing Authorities, Member States or the European Commission.

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