Atlantic Sustainability Through Remote and In-situ Integrated Solutions

Chief researcher

Flávio Martins; Equipo de investigación: João Janeiro, José Jacob


João Janeiro; José Jacob


Universidade do Algarve - Campus da Penha

Allied agents

Summary of the proposal

ASTRIIS is a mobilizing project aiming to develop technical and scientific knowledge to create and implement a batch of information services and products, seamlessly integrated and customizable, along with related prototypes. These will be applied and explored in important areas of the blue economy with high development and value creation potential.

Project goal

To develop basic scientific knowledge that enables the creation of new technologies, products, processes and services with high technological and innovative content, as identified in the project’s technical goals, in the areas of information and communication technologies, navigation and control, communications and networks, and machine learning.

To disseminate the scientific knowledge generated through associated channels: conferences, seminars, publication in specialist journals, etc., increasing and contributing to the increased impact of the programme in the industries mentioned above, generating an effective transfer of knowledge.

To stimulate the scientific and technological community, linking the project to scientific works associated with specialized human resources, specifically through writing doctoral and Master’s dissertations.

To promote, through CoLAB + ATLANTIC, the integration of highly qualified specialists in the industrial community, recruiting and integrating them into the project’s context.

To create demonstrations for the solutions developed that can be used by the consortium for further exploration, or by its partners to create added value to their products and services that are part of the solutions, increasing their commercial capacity and the values of the services.

To develop and commercialize market solutions that respond to global market needs.

To achieve, in the first two years after the end of the project (2024 and 2025), as a direct consequence of it, a turnover of an amount exceeding 5 million Euros for the promoting companies.

To increase the volume of exports of the promoting companies, as a direct consequence of the project, by at least 30% in 3 years.

To ensure the protection of intellectual property through the registration of patents linked to the programme’s results.