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Project summary

Project goal

The goal of the University of Evora’s participation in the CIU3A project is the creation of the Gil Eanes Centre, with the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the Casa Cordovil, a 16th century building. The Gil Eanes Space will house an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Laboratory which will include a museum about the innovation produced at the University of Evora, a department supporting Intellectual Property, and a department for promoting matchmaking with the business community.

Expected results and indicators

The outcome would be a space for the dissemination of innovation, thus stimulating its transfer for the benefit of society. To help in this process of matchmaking, the Knowledge Platform will be created. This will be a continually updated IT application which will hold, in an organized and structured way, all the knowledge produced in the CIU3A’s area of influence. By means of a range of initiatives (for example workshops, support of Intellectual Property, etc.) it is expected to increase collaboration among researchers and raise the competitive potential of research carried out. The main indicators are the Knowledge Platform, the number of participants in the training activities and the patents presented.

Potential impact of the project

The Gil Eanes Centre has great potential in terms of stimulating the entrepreneurship and innovation of the University of Evora and the region, simultaneously stimulating cross-border relationships. Looking on it as a hub for innovation and for the transfer of knowledge generated in the region, it will definitively contribute to bringing together the university and the business community, increasing the potential for interaction between them.