Block of things for Factory (BoT4F)

A multi-tier IoT infrastructure, able to connect to a blockchain network in order to guarantee the traceability of data in Industry 4.0.

Chief researcher

Prof. Dr. D. Carlos León de Mora


Javier Antonio Guerra Coronado


University of Seville - Emergya, SL

Allied agents

Summary of the proposal

The proposal is to generate knowledge based on IoT, heterogeneous and multi-tier infrastructure, on a cyber-physical system with capacity to connect to blockchain for in-port and Industry 4.0 logistical management. To do so, the integration of certain nodes of an IoT network, or blockchain nodes, with a chain of blocks, is to be studied. Although it is estimated that these nodes will require greater computation capacities, given the particular characteristics of the logistical applications, blockchain nodes should have a very low consumption, perhaps even with the possibility of being fed by solar panels for certain applications. Despite this, it should at the same time be able to form part of an IoT network and of a blockchain, which is a major research challenge.

Project goal

The general goal of this project is the design of a cyber-physical system based on a new IoT infrastructure which permits the direct integration of data with a blockchain, to guarantee the traceability of the data in logistical application for Industry 4.0.

Expected results and indicators

The results obtained in this project are aimed at academic and industrial spaces and, in general, at all those audiences interested in the progress of the IoT and blockchains. The results will be made public at conferences, in publications in journals covering the specific field concerned, and through participation at national and international events, specifically:

Articles in internationally important journals: 2

- Publication of the advances obtained in low-consumption blockchain algorithms applicable to IoT nodes.
- Publication of the architecture of the low-consumption blockchain node developed during the creation of the thesis.

National conference papers: 1

- Publication with the results obtained in the development of the multi-tier, heterogeneous cyber-physical system proposed.

International conference papers: 2

- Publication of the advances obtained with respect to the multi-gateway routing algorithms developed in the thesis.
- Publication of the results obtained with the thesis in a proof of concept, regarding a logistical application in Industry 4.0.

In parallel, an industrial doctorate is to be carried out that will include all the project results, providing another, additional channel for the dissemination of the academic results and knowledge transfer.

Potential technological impact of the project (TRL)

This project is carried out as part of the University of Seville’s Industrial Facilities and Systems Doctorate Programme; specifically, in the research area of Smart Systems and Product Development. It is estimated that the development of a low-consumption device, which is also able to form a part of an IoT network and a blockchain, would be revolutionary. This device would also be a part of a more general and self-organized monitoring network, especially in areas of application such as logistical management and Industry 4.0.